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For Panestetic, a company that has been offering “Made in Italy” quality in the production of beauty equipment, cosmetics, training and personalized consulting for aesthetics since 1984, talking about beauty is anything but a trivial matter. Studiomeme worked for Panestetic for the restyling of the social media communication and powered it up with a content creation strategy capable of engaging the public, building customer loyalty and giving an online life to a B2B circuit of wellness professionals. Therefore, Studiomeme designed a coordinated image capable of making the company’s visuals more real and close to the audience.  At the same time, new formats and contents were defined with the aim of conveying not only the company’s core business – the technologies – but also Panestetic’s values and professionalism, thanks to the inclusion of testimonials, human presence and tutorials. The communication materials present the company products always with scientific proofs and precise reference on cosmetic technologies and components, constantly accompanied, however, by a very human, warm, personal, reliable and, very often, feminine dimension. The femininity on which Panestetic’s communication is based is a real and priory feminist driving force, designed to build not only the world of aesthetics, but also and above all the shared and sharable value system.