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Marine Stewardship Council

Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is an international non-profit organisation established in the late ‘90s to promote sustainable fishing practices and thus keep the oceans full of life for us and future generations. Sustainable fishing practices represent the first step towards healthier oceans. Everyone’s contribution is needed if we are to move towards real sustainability that can save our oceans, our most valuable asset. Keeping this purpose in mind, Studiomeme produced several videos using different techniques. In some, it used motion graphics to animate illustrations: the video “When you go grocery shopping, choose the blue label” shows how this blue label makes the products stand out on the shelf. 

In others, Studiomeme brought animated portraits of fishers and evocative typography into play, focusing on the bond between fishers and the sea (at the basis of their drive to act sustainably) and inviting consumers to do their share by guiding their purchase decision towards sustainable and responsible seafood sources. Both options are part of a national awareness-raising campaign about sustainable fishing and the important role consumers play in determining the future of our oceans.