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Studiomeme works with Legami creating motion graphic videos that promote Legami’s new products. The characters of the Legami universe, with their characteristics and uniqueness, shape the videos designed in synergy with the brand’s communication team. Studiomeme dealt with various aspects of the communication project: the creation of new visual elements, the drafting of the storyboards, the character animation and the adaptation of the videos in different formats suitable for different media such as: social networks, Amazon page and video installation in every Legami store. 

The Christmas video “Feel the Magic”  shows that magical moment in which two characters exchange their gifts. Each house has been designed in order to recall one of the Legami lines of products: in the first house – “Vintage Memories” – the nostalgic aspect of Christmas is emphasized by the “Arcade” products, in the second home the various products dedicated to the “Wonderland” universe are shown, while in the third you can see a couple of bears ironically exchanging the same gift, thus referring to “Home Sweet Home” – Legami’s home accessories line. For Christmas Studiomeme also designed the visual merchandising exhibited in every brand’s windows and stores.


Another video is dedicated to the stationary products launched for the “Back to School”. The storytelling is based on the idea that, thanks to Legami, the return to school can be a magic moment: the creative wave overwhelms the characters and transforms the various objects on the desks into stationary capable of changing the mood of those who use them.

In the video titled “How to say i love you” three pairs of characters (that the public can recognize from the previous videos) present products related to the Valentine’s Day collection. Each couple and product is associated with three different ways of loving: passionately, romantically and in order to build a future together.