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La Casa Si Cura

Prosiel is an association that brings together some of the main players in the electrical supply chain (including ANIE Federazione, a member of Confindustria) and its main goal is the promotion of the culture of safety and electrical innovation. For Prosiel Studiomeme is working on a three-year campaing called “La Casa Si Cura” with the purpose to promote the culture of safety and stimulate technological innovation. Safety and innovation are the keys identified by Studiomeme to describe Prosiel’s approach to reach a nationwide, dual-targeted audience: on the one hand to inform and recruit professionals, and on the other one to inform and raise awareness among consumers. Hence, the presence in the campaign title of the acronym “SI” (Safety + Innovation), which condenses the two measures promoted by Prosiel in defining the right way to take care of one’s home and family. Thus was born the naming “La Casa SI Cura,” an invitation to professionals and users to get informed and collaborate in defining a conscious, efficient and smart housing approach.

For the promotion of the campaign Studiomeme also focuses on innovation, with openness to new tools and languages, integrating it with an approach capable of making the understanding of complex but important technical issues accessible to a wide audience, both for professionals and users, reating encounter, dialogue and a network capable of activating innovative and conscious reflections and actions. The communication chosen for the campaign combines graphic and photographic elements with the application of a clear, direct and immediately understandable tone of voice. All this is applied and declined to the different tools: website, social, video, newsletter, brochures and displays.