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KNX Italia

Studiomeme actively collaborates with some of the major national and international players in the electrical and electronics industry. One of the player is KNX Italia, the Italian branch of KNX Association, which is based in Brussels and it’is a constant point of reference for manufacturers, system integrators, university poles and research centers that have chosen KNX technology for the implementation of home automation and intelligent building automation systems. Studiomeme has created a website for KNX that has been revamped as much in visual as in the contents, providing a management area dedicated to members and the functionality for the implementation of internal communication. Various terms of targets and objectives, the campaigns designed for KNX include the “Welcome Dealer!” new member acquisition campaign; the newsletter subscription lead acquisition campaign thanks to which KNX gained more than 1.000 new subscribers in just one month; and finally the “KNX Secure” information and awareness campaign. Studiomeme also designed a series of motion graphic videos simulating a quiz game capable of conveying the most relevant information on KNX security product.

Studiomeme was also in charge of the conception and development of the key visuals for the KNX Awards for the 2021, 2022 and 2023 editions, an award competition reserved for outstanding projects implemented with KNX technology. In the same years Studiomeme coordinated the communication and the creative dimension of KNX Day, the annual event promoted by KNX Italia on a specific theme. For the event the company organizes a conference in which the most important players in the world of building automation take part.