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Strengthening the values of a corporate network


Gewiss S.p.A., a leading electrical engineering company, has a clear vision: to be the benchmark in its chosen field by promoting important innovations for society at large. This is the “why” of the internal communication project “U is Us”. In this motion graphics video, the animated logo contextualises and explains the value-driven content. Studiomeme also made a video that highlights the company’s values, including animated shots and typographical elements that make it dynamic and engaging. It embodies Gewiss’ mission: to create value for customers and the team by offering innovative and scalable solutions for buildings, industries and infrastructure that are able to connect people and things and improve the quality of life, guided by values of integrity, excellence and sustainability.

The Digital Sport Innovation project stems from this philosophy. This is where Studiomeme filmed the presentation of the new jerseys for the Atalanta football club, the main sponsor of which is Gewiss, a not-to-be-missed event for enthusiasts of Italy’s premier football league.