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Fondazione Opera Bonomelli

Opera Bonomelli Foundation takes care of marginality, support and hospitality in the city of Bergamo from over a hundred years. The vision of the Foundation is wide and open to the outside, capable of catching new needs. With the same spirit Studiomeme redesigned the visual identity of the Foundation starting from the company profile, which is an essential tool to effectively communicate to the territory’s stakeholders. Thanks to the creation of a new logo and a corporate image we represented the path that the people do everyday inside the Foundation, in order to establish the base for the development of all the other channels of communication. 

The website has been designed to offer a simple and clear user experience in order to highlight the work of the Foundation and its workers. What is important for Opera Bonomelli is a strong online presence, with contents that describe their work and their services: for this reason, Studiomeme has also held a training course to the Foundation’s team with the purpose of teaching efficient tools to communicate through social network.