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Spreading the donation culture in Italy

Centro Nazionale Trapianti

Studiomeme supports the Centro Nazionale Trapianti (National Transplant Centre) by handling their social media communication. This includes creating content regularly and implementing special campaigns throughout the year. The first campaign is #sceglididonare, a hashtag that translates as “choose to donate”, who’s purpose is the promotion of tissues and organs donations. The 2022 edition of the campaign focus was to inform about the possibility to declare the will to donate at the release or renewal of the ID Card in the City Hall. In addition to the support of the national network of donor and the ambassadors, thanks to the partnership with ANCI, 300 mayors used their social account to promote the campaign.

For the 2021 edition, the campaign was focused on the donation equation 1+x=7, who places the emphasis on the unknown: the ‘yes’ of each of us to become an organ donor. We pinpointed a recognizable and unique element and planned a strategy on different media around it with the aim of making a more impactful impression on the chosen target. To spread the message, entertainment celebrities and well-known social media influencers with a large and diversified number of followers were chosen. More than 30 ambassadors took part in the campaign, engaging their Instagram fan base through posts, video content and stories. 

In another campaign for the week dedicated to raising awareness on bone marrow and haematopoietic stem cell donation, the aim was to register new donors on the IBMDR (Italian Bone Marrow Donor Registry) national bone marrow donor register. The goal of the #matchitnow initiative was clear: reaching young people in the digital places they frequent the most. This was the starting point of the media planning strategy, landing on new platforms like TikTok thanks to the partnership with hand-picked content creators. The campaign focused on providing information and engaging younger users through the messages shared by numerous influencers.