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Catch me now

Encounter, dialogue, experimentation with new languages, new experiences and self-awareness: this is what Studiomeme wanted to convey in its communication for the Catch me now project, a cycle of free theatre, dance, music and sports laboratories organized for NEETs in the city of Bergamo, promoted by city institutions. By defining the payoff  “Getting to know each other has never been so much fun” (which in italian also means “Getting to know yourself has never been so much fun”), Studiomeme sets up a communication capable of referring to the social and entertainment dimension of the workshops, but also of inviting young people who participate to become aware of themselves, their interests and aptitudes.

The copy is combined with a visual style suited to the target and the theme inspired by the bold lines, simple shapes and bright colours of Keith Haring’s art. Each laboratory is associated with a colour and a character, creating energetic and dynamic vibes, which are incorporated into the online and offline communication graphic materials, including: an informative folding brochure which, once opened, turns into an artistic poster; and motion graphic videos in which the characters associated with the different laboratories come alive and energetically convey all information about the proposed activities.