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Bilingual British School

Innovation, progress and education can be used to describe the Bilingual British School, an excellent academic institution located in Bergamo (Italy) that has been teaching in English for 10 years. BBS is a forward-looking reality that defines a concept of education that makes progress a modus operandi and, at the same time, a life goal. Studiomeme supported BBS in a brand audit & market analysis, in order to define a new brand image. Studiomeme has realized a logo restyling with the addition of payoffs and a revision of the institutional bordeaux. The result, defined through the development of a detailed brand manual, was applied to gadgets and educational tools.

BBS vision towards the future is manifested through the opening of a new STEAM high school, where bilingualism and high scientific knowledge are integrated in order to open new horizons. For BBS High School Studiomeme has created a series of ADVs in which iconographic elements create scenarios that embody the idea of progress in different fields: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. Considering the necessity to structurally redefine and enhance the contents related to the services developed over 10 years of activity, Studiomeme worked on the definition, design, and development of a new website, in which the broad educational offer, mission and vision are illustrated through a clear and complete copywrite. The website structure focuses on the user experience, with the development of interactive tools such as the vocal test for English assessment, the slider that show the educational offer in terms of a journey and the filter that allows to select the information starting from different point of views: the student’s, family’s and teacher’s one.

For BBS High School’s launch, Studiomeme defines a creative concept using a specific visual reference: a banana. The starting point for the development of the campaign is the publication entitled “So You Want to Go to Oxbridge? Tell Me about a Banana” which contains suggestions and reflections on how to stand out in the increasingly competitive Oxford and Cambridge application process, developing a set of interdisciplinary and transversal logical and dialectical skills.

Passing through the famous surrealist painting (almost conceptual) “La Trahison des images” by René Magritte which quotes the famous phrase “Ceci n’est pas une pipe”, Studiomeme creates the concept “This is not just a banana”. An everyday object, simple and natural such as a banana can reveal several additional meanings: a starting point for several argumentations, having the knowledge and skills to develop them.

This kind of innovative and transversal way of thinking is the result of a “thinking outside the box” process and is what is pursued by BBS High School. The communication was conveyed and supported by a press office activity and by sponsored social media and Google ADS campaigns. For the launch of BBS High School, Studiomeme supported the school not only in terms of promotion, but also organizing and managing the High School presentation event.