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Walls and surfaces are imagined as a space of experimentation by beWall, a brand specialized in cool and dynamic wallpapers. beWall places at the center of its production the research both of materials and design. Studiomeme created beWall’s digital branding through research, analysis and definition of the corporate image and the digital strategy. Through a clear and strict editorial plan, beWall expresses by graphics and photos its creative imaginary. Futhermore we created the structure and the design of the web site, designed with the creative and refined nature of the wallpapers of beWall in mind.

The division of the lines and the collection reflects on the configuration of the website, encouraging the user to discover the different personalities of the brand. We realized some representative video for each line where the wallpapers come alive giving a new light to the environment in which they are located. To convey the strong creative impact that characterizes the beArt and beCreative collections, beWall organizes and participates in events such as workshops and trade fairs, for which has been created videos capable of conveying the brand’s dynamic and participatory vision. At the same time, we activated the social channels of beWall: Instagram, Vimeo and Pinterest. The social presence of beWall is characterized by different images in terms of inspiration and application, but also for coherence in terms of integrity, elegance and freshness.