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10 years of future

ASST Ospedale Papa Giovanni XXIII

On the occasion of the 10 year anniversary of the Bergamo Hospital “Papa Giovanni XXIII”, Studiomeme conceived and developed a cross-media campaign titled “Great together”, able to celebrate the hospital and to underline the relationship between the hospital and its community, thanks to which a collective growth has been made possible, as demonstrated by the achievement of great goals.

The materials created for the anniversary combine the formal mold of the hospital with the creative attitude of Studiomeme. The hospital’s institutional style is maintained in the use of colors and fonts. These elements are applied and integrated into a celebratory logo, where the number ten and the claim “Great together” appear.

The communication campaign has started with an event that has involved institutions, employees and sponsors and which has represented a collective celebration that, in the present, has recalled the past and looked to the future. Working with the Hospital Communications Office, Studiomeme has created many different tools: from graphics to videos, from the program to the setting up of the event, from local and digital promotion to the creation of gadgets for employees.

Among the tools created, the video “10 anni di futuro” (10 years of future) stands out, presenting the strengths and growth prospects of the hospital over the next 10 years. Another video is dedicated to the first childrens born in and with the hospital in December 2012. Finally Studiomeme developed a  partnership with Legami, a stationary brand  with which has been co-designed four different notebooks thought as a gift for the 5000 employees of the hospital.