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Art Days Napoli

Art Days is the major event dedicated to contemporary art in Naples and in Campania. The event is promoted by the Attiva Cultural Projects association and its main goal is the valorization of the various artistic excellences of the territory. For the third edition, Studiomeme took care of the visual identity and renewed the brand identity taking inspiration by the curatorial theme “Crossing Layers”, who refers to the complex conformation of the Campania region and to the different identities that populate its art scene, also connecting to themes such as geology, urban planning, and botany. The new project started from three fundamental assumptions: the need to visually convey the concept of a “fluid cross-layering”, an interest in contemporary visual languages, and a participatory approach. On the communication side, these assumptions have been translated into a specific modus operandi: the use of AI to generate images with strong visual impact and the correlation between the concept of layering and storytelling.

The use of AI allowed us to generate four images, each one connected to four narrative levels: roots, nature, fluids and technology, in an escalation of complexity, growth and conceptual development. The graceful font with its subtle, sinuous and undulating shapes visually recalls the concept of layering and crossing between parts. Its lightness and elegance elevates the identity of Art Days and makes the visual identity of the third edition more unique and dynamic. The new branding has been declined in various instrument such as the contents on social media, the brochure, the wayfinding of the initiative, the invitations and the save the date graphic.